Sanitary Mixing Solutions with Inline Static Mixers

The food and beverage industry requires only the most hygienic processing equipment. Moreover, consistency in taste and texture is a prerequisite. Recognizing this need, we at Komax Inc developed a range of inline static mixers to cater to the most complex processes while giving perfect blending solutions.

Our motionless mixers have proven to be an efficient option for the following processes:

*Blending solid and semi-solid materials such as margarine and butter, as also mixing tomato ketchup and other sauces and dips.

*Getting viscous liquids materials like jams and syrups to a healthy consistency.

*Effectively mixing light liquids such as soft drinks and other read-to-package drinks.

Komax inline static mixers have the ability to convert a single or multiple input stream into a homogeneously mixed product. Keeping in mind the hygiene aspect, our static mixers do not comprise moving parts and this is what makes them easy to remove and clean. Right from the fittings to the metal we use, everything is of top-notch quality ensuring that our mixers are adherent to the highest food safety standards. Our static mixers are made from 316 stainless steel and housed in 316 stainless steel sanitary tubing.

Should you need any more details about inline static mixers or any other Komax products, please visit us at and we shall be glad to assist you.