Komax Teflon Static Mixers for Corrosive Chemical Service

Since 1973, Komax has been the leader in Static Mixing Technology. Komax mixers offer the highest levels of mixing, and are very competitively priced.

Our corrosion resistant Teflon staticmixers provide an excellent solution for severe service acid mixing applications. These Teflon Static mixers are used for mixing concentrated acid or other strong chemicals, where aggressive chemicals and high temperatures would overcome other mixers.

Our standard Teflon static mixers are available in standard 2"-10" diameter sizes. Larger sizes are available on by special order. The mixers are available with both—schedule 40 carbon steel as well as 316L SS housings. Teflon mixing elements are 25% glass filled for added endurance. Our Teflon static mixers scan be ordered within jection ports.

Komax Teflon inline static mixers are a product that offers extreme resistance to chemical corrosion with the high performance of our triple action motionless mixer.

With more than three hundred combined years of fluids-mixing experience, the Komax Design Team has applied Komax technology to a wide range of applications. Komax has installed over one hundred thousand static mixers across the world.