Fiberglass Static Mixers Provide Excellent Chemical Compatibility

Komax Systems offers a wide range of fiberglass static mixers.

Fiberglass mixers provide a cost-effective, maintenance-free and lightweight mixing solution that ensures problem-free operation during the service life of the installation.

Fiberglass mixers come in a variety of options to suit the needs of a varied range of industry sectors.

Applications include:

• Pulp/paper bleach mixing

• Produced water treatment
• Desalination chemical addition
• Wastewater/Potable water chemical treatment
• Off-shore platform process pipelines
• Chemical plant processing
• Direct burial pipelines

Komax can supply fiberglass mixers in a full range of materials and pressure ratings. These include:

• Vinyl ester epoxy resin construction.
• Polyester resin construction.
• Multiple veil layers-providing wear resistance for high abrasion slurries or pulp stock.
• Exterior gel coat systems for superior UV protection.
• Both standard wall thickness and high pressure fiberglass mixers are available.
• Large diameters mixers are available (48” and greater).


Desalination plants depend upon fiberglass static mixers for seawater processing. Highly resistant to salt corrosion, a fiberglass mixer can provide 25+ years of service in applications such as raw water pH control, addition of antiscalant, or chlorination/dechlorinating activites.

Pulp/Paper Bleaching

For chlorine addition to pulp stock, a fiberglass mixer is a superior choice.
Fiberglass is resistant to both chlorine and chlorine dioxide. The Komax triple action mixer is used extensively in pulp/paper applications. The unique triple action mixer creates high levels of shearing that will separate the pulp fibers and ensure a consistent level of bleaching of pulp stock.

Produced Water
Fiberglass mixers are an excellent choice for oil & gas produced water applications. The FRP material is suitable for the aggressive acid gases and organic acids found in produced water, and will resist the atmospheric corrosionfound on offshore oil platforms and marine environments.