Inline Static Mixers from Komax Inc

Inline Static Mixer
Inline static mixers are widely used for several mixing processes. We at Komax Inc, manufacture high quality static mixers which are used by various industrial brands. Komax in-line motionless static mixers convert a multiple component input stream into a uniformly blended output. They find applications in mixing a wide range of food products.These include "solid" materials such as margarine and tomato pastes, viscous liquids like syrups, and light fluids similar to soft drink products. Overall quality is simply superb and outstanding; you can expect the mixers to perform round the clock without showing any signs of fatigue and stress. One of the striking features include noninvolvement of any moving parts and elements which can be easily removed for external cleaning or used in clean in place (CIP) applications. It ensures the mixer to work freely and according to the requirement of the process.

We have our own dedicated website which can be referred when it comes to inline static mixers. All you need to do is log on to and give us a call. Our Technical Team will guide you in suggesting the best mixer for your needs. Komax mixers are motorized by the proportioning pumps in the tube or pipe line structure. Considerable power savings are achieved over conservative batch mixing techniques. Do business with us and see how we expand your horizon and increase your profits. Get in touch with us and we will show you how to reduce on your operation costs.