Komax’s Motionless Mixers for Flawless Ozone-Liquid Contacting

As a leading player in the static mixer segment, Komax Systems, Inc has provided cutting-edge solutions for mixing chemical, waste water, and sludge among other things. Komax motionless mixers for ozone-liquid contacting continue this lineage. This line of mixers comprises a unique porous ozone injector and no moving parts, which translates into zero-maintenance. Motionless mixers provide the additional benefit of quiet and vibration-free operation.

Komax’s patented 20-micron porous gas injector creates micro-size ozone bubbles which offer unmatched gas-liquid contact. When millions of gas bubbles are created and then uniformly dispersed throughout the process flow, the result is a highly homogenous ozone-contacted liquid. Our estimates have revealed that the ozone motionless mixers offer 2200% improved ozone contacting!

However, customers can opt for ozone mixers with or without our patented ozone injector. Depending on the nature of your applications, we offer mixers in materials such as PVC, stainless steel, Kynar, Teflon, and fiberglass.

These mixers are a smarter alternative to their mechanical counterparts, as the ozone motionless mixers