Wafer Static Mixers

Wafer static mixers are an excellent solution for a specific type of static mixing applications. When space is at a premium, (such as in a retrofit situation), and there is not space to install a pipe style static mixer, a wafer static mixer can be used to provide mixing when the alternative is no mixing. The compact design also affords an inexpensive static mixing solution for many applications where some level of mixing is needed. Wafer static mixers work best when they are used for constant flow conditions. They are not well suited for applications that have a large difference between the minimum and maximum flow rates.

Wafer static mixers are available in all materials, including:

• Carbon Steel
• Stainless Steel

Komax Systems offers a wide range of mixing and heating solutions including Sludge Static Mixers, Steam Heaters and Desuperheaters, Komax sludge static mixers provide maintenance free, non-plugging solutions for polymer addition to sludge for dewatering and mixing sludge streams. Our Desuperheaters are custom designed for each application and available in a wide range of materials. The Komax Equalizer technology provides consistent process performance.

Our technical team is available to discuss your requirements and provide a custom solution for your application. Reach Komax through our website: www.komax.com or speak to a technical representative at 800 826 0760