Komax’s Motionless Static Mixers for Demanding Mixing Tasks

For several decades now, Komax Systems, Inc. has been committed to creating the best Motionless Static Mixers to meet the needs of industry. Our mixers are suitable for applications involving mixing of fluid, gases, sludge, oils and particulate matter.

Our expert design team is constantly developing new products and technologies to meet the changing requirements of industry. Komax is the leader in Motionless Static Mixers, with solutions including Steam Heaters & Desuperheaters and Heat Exchangers. Komax mixers are found on every continent including Antartica, and in a wide range of industries. With our broad portfolio of patented technologies, Komax is an expert at providing solutions for challenging mixing applications.

Our popular products among mixers include the Sludge Static Mixer, Ozone/Water Static Mixer, A& M Series Triple Action Static Mixer, and Pipeline Static Mixer among many others. We also offer stainless steel static mixers in various alloys ranging from 304 to Duplex material.Komax mixers are available in virtually any material including carbon steel, titanium, PVC and fiberglass.

We offer standard products as well as deliver component Motionless Static Mixers for on-site assembly into existing pipelines.

Contact Komax’s Technical Sales department at www.komax.com for assistance in choosing the best solution for your mixing application.