Motionless Mixers –Delivering Mixing Solutions for Industry

Komax System is the leader in solving challenging mixing tasks. Using the resources of our state of the art design center, Komax boasts a full range of motionless mixers that are well suited to today’s most challenging mixing applications. 

Our solutions include:

• Chemical Mixers
• Sludge static mixers
• Ozone/Water Static mixers
• Large Diameter pipeline static mixers
• Channel Mixers

Komax mixing solutions include:

• Triple Action motionless mixers that provide the highest levels of mixing for both liquid and gas applications.
• Non-fouling motionless mixers (Hi-Pass) that are suited for sludges and slurries. These mixing elements will not plug or foul.
• Equalizer technology which offers the highest levels of mixing in liquid/gas applications and steam heaters and desuperheaters.

Komax mixers can be custom engineered to provide low pressure configurations and component style systems that can be installed on sites where access is limited.

About Komax

Komax is the leader in static mixing technology.Komax offers a diverse range of Static Mixers (motionless mixers), Steam Heaters, Desuperheaters and Heat Exchangers.Our motionless mixers can be used in mixing and heating applications that involve liquids, gases, slurries, sludge and particulates under laminar as well as turbulent flow conditions. Our chemical mixers and water static mixers ensure enhanced mixing and lower pressure drops. 

With more than three hundred combined years of fluids-mixing experience, the Komax design team has applied Komax technology to a technical base of over one hundred thousand installations across the world.