Look Beyond the Conventional with Komax’s Desuperheater

At Komax, we believe that simplicity is often the foundation of great technology. And this reflects in our range of desuperheater as well. When you use these machines, you shall realize that our desuperheater does not require a long pipe down-stream and unlike contrary units, they do not require a mixing elbow preceding the temperature probe. That’s been possible mainly because our units direct the water spray upstream.

We have achieved this through our patented ‘Equalizer’ mixing module. This is the most optimal solution to reduce the temperature of superheated steam and recover the useful heat. Our innovation in the steam/water mixing system is what makes a difference to our units. And that gives us an edge over conventional units.

For nearly four decades, we have been delivering industry-changing solutions for static mixing technology. This has led us to be recognized as the leaders in the static mixing technology. We however, refuse to rest on our laurels and are constantly improvising on our strengths to meet your most challenging heat transfer requirements. Our inline static mixers and water static mixers are among our popular products.

For more information relating to our desuperheater and other products and services, please visit us at www.komax.com and we shall be glad to assist you.