Carbon Steel Static Mixers

Carbon steel static mixers are the workhorse of static mixers. This low cost and versatile material is preferred for many industrial and petrochemical applications.

Carbon Steel Static Mixers are available in many types of steel depending upon your requirements. These include:

A105 for normal applications
A106 for high temperature service
A350 for very cold applications including LNG

Komax can offer mixers in both welded and seamless carbon steel piping. Komax carbon steel mixers are available in all standard pipe thickness from schedule 10 thru XXS and all flange ratings and styles. Komax offers mixers with API 5L/ISO 3183 grades of pipe.

Komax offers static mixers constructed from carbon steel in many sizes ranging from ½” dia.thru 98”dia. Sizes.

Carbon steel mixers are offered with many different coating options coatings including:

Epoxy fusion coating
Variety of paint and primer systems
Bituminous Asphalt
Abrasion resistant cladding
Teflon Coating

If you have a requirement for a carbon steel static mixer, contact Komax and ask to speak to a technical expert who can provide the optimum solution for your application.