Komax Stainless Steel Static Mixers

Stainless Steel Static Mixers are widely used for mixing of various industrial items for manufacturing processes. Since 1973 Komax Systems, Inc. has led the industry in static mixing technology offering a diverse range of Static Mixers, Steam Heaters, Desuperheaters, and Heat Exchangers. Our mixers are designed to provide high levels of mixing. We ensure to manufacture strictly under international manufacturing standards. Adhering to such standards ensures our customers receive the right performance from the parts manufactured.

Our static mixer and heating experience include mixing and heating of
• Liquids
• Gases
• Slurries
• Sludges
• Particulates

Every Stainless Steel Static Mixers manufactured from Komax are checked for performance and overall quality. Our ISO 9001 systems ensure a quality product is shipped every time. We undertake custom orders also, get the desired performance from our mixing products, be it any dimension. We have skilled engineers who work round the clock in delivering exceptional quality performance. All you need to do is log on to http://www.komax.com/ and give us a call. Our Technical Team is present that will be able to guide you in the right manner; they will also help in selecting the right product for your needs.