Komax Desuperheater – Simple by Design, Sophisticated by Function

At Komax, our desuperheater line is manufactured with the firm belief that a simple design concept is most sophisticated. That explains why a number of industries have chosen us as the preferred partner to reduce superheat during myriad processes.

Our engineers have designed our units to direct the water spray upstream unlike a conventional desuperheater that sprays water downstream in the form of tiny droplets. In the Komax units, the superheated high velocity steam reverses the water spray flow pattern. It then goes back through a six chamber mixing module where the steam and water converge to form a homogenous mixture with a uniform temperature profile within 5 degrees Fahrenheit of saturation.

This also significantly reduces the required length of the pipe downstream and eliminates the "mixing" elbow prior to the temperature probe. We at Komax gain an edge over the conventional units because of four important factors:

• No moving parts
• Low pressure drop
• Short installation length
• High range ability

What also works to our advantage is our nearly four decades of experience in the industry. We have set new trends in diverse product offerings such as static mixers, steam heaters, desuperheater and heat exchangers. For more details about our products, please visit us at www.komax.com and we shall be glad to work with you.