No Maintenance Water Purification Static Mixers

Komax has gained world recognition across the many industries for the effectiveness of their line ofwater purification static mixers. These mixers are designed to effectively carry out disinfection of water through chlorination or mix chemical additives like alum.

Komax offers the range of mixers from less than an inch in diameter to large scale channel static mixers that can work in has made them very popular. These larger mixers are designedto be installed in water treatment channels of any cross section including open and closed channels. They are capable of delivering a mixing performance that is better than 98%.

For applications where low head requirements are necessary, Komax can design low-pressure drop designs. These can either be supplied as complete assemblies or in component form for on-site assembly (suitable for plants where access is difficult). We understand that on-site assembly for large scale water purification static mixers can be an intimidating task. But our mixers are an exception. For instance, a typical unit of this type in a ten foot by ten-foot duct was assembled by the owner in less than eight man hours.

Our customers have been using our units for years without any maintenance problems because we have eliminated the use of moving parts. Our valued customers have also appreciated the fact that our water purification static mixers generate no noise leading a better work environment. Please contact us at and our engineers are prepared to design the most viable motionless mixer system for your application.