Fiberglass Static Mixers from Komax

Fiberglass Static Mixers are widely used for mixing purposes; Komax Systems Inc has been manufacturing static mixers for years. Our products are known for performance; we ensure the product is being created according to specific requirements mentioned by our customers. One of the striking features of our service is that we manufacture according to custom requirements. If you have any specific requirement, give us a call and we would love to convert your mixing requirement into reality. Custom designs are utilized in manufacturing these units. The mixer is perfectly designed for a given mixing application, flaws are unacceptable and that’s why we have a strict quality policy.

Komax Systems Inc has been in business since 1973, our years of research surely offer the best product in the market, and you can guarantee and rely on our products which are designed to deliver exceptional performance. Fiberglass static mixes can be manufactured for any sizes; we have state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for fiberglass mixers.

Feel free to log on to for more information on Fiberglass Static Mixers, our website is being updated with latest information on our products. Browse through the product page to understand the working and details about our products, you can even call us to know additional information on their performance. We have repetitive customers which believe in our products and services, since they precisely know that Komax delivers exceptional quality and performance.