Custom Design Inline Static Mixers for Industrial Purposes

Inline static mixers are preferably used for mixing of chemicals. Industrial processes which involves chemical mixing widely make use of such mixers. We at Komax Systems, Inc manufacture top-notch mixers which are tested to ensure performance and output. We also manufacture high end Static Mixers, Steam Heaters, Desuperheaters, Scepter tank heater, Heat Exchangers for industrial purposes. Feel the difference in our products since they last long for years to come without any problem. We at Komax Systems, Inc adhere to ISO 9001:2008 standards which are world class.

We have our own dedicated Technical Team who designs mixers and offer the best Inline static mixers for your needs. One of the striking features of our brand is of custom designs, catering individually to your application. Our Technical Team is always ready to answer all your questions pertaining to the products and services offered by us.

Feel free to log on to for more information on Inline static mixers, our website is updated on regular basis. Stocking of parts is also done on regular basis over the period of time. Give us a call and we would provide you prompt service for your problems; all our products deliver exceptional performance. Do business with and see how we expand your work processes. Our promise of delivering unmatched products remains untouched, which is reflected by our repetitive customers.