Exceptional Quality Motionless static mixers

Motionless static mixers are widely used in several food industries. Komax has been an industry leader in static mixers since 1971, manufacturing static mixers for varied range of industries which are designed to deliver exceptional quality output.

Some of the applications of our mixers include
• Mixing CO2 into beer, soft drinks or wine
• Blending batches of beer to homogenize alcoholic content and taste
• Diluting concentrated juices
• Mixing finings with beer to improve clarity
• Mixing flavors with beverages
• Flocculation/Clarification of wine
• Mixing minerals with drinking water
• Heating by Direct Steam Injection
• Desuperheating Vapors using liquid Injection

We have our own dedicated website which can be referred to when it comes to our products www.komax.com. We have our experienced Technical Team ready which can help in answering your queries and also help in sizing the right product for your application. We also provide after sales online technical support for all our products, if required.

We have strict quality standards when it comes to manufacturing of our products. We make sure that the every product meets our exceptional quality standards before it is shipped out to the customer. Consistently delivering such quality boosts our confidence in developing top notch equipment to suit your requirements.