Ultra Light Carbon Steel Static Mixers

Carbon steel static mixers are preferred when it comes to industrial applications. The overall perfection delivered by this brand is simply superb and outstanding. We at Komax Systems Inc are masters when it comes to industrial static mixers. Our designs are used worldwide and have high end output. The need to have this mixer can arise when you need to mix two or more liquids at one time. Carbon steel is anytime preferred as it is very strong and light weighted. It can also be molded in any pattern and design. Effect of chemical and other liquids is zero on carbon steel. It absolutely does not affect its life neither its stability. Special type of coating is given to carbon steel which makes it perfect and easy to use with different liquids.

Internet is one of the preferred sources through where you can make the purchase. All you need to do is log on to www.komax.com and give us a call. Our technical team is present that will help you out in selecting the right tool for your needs. Quality is something which we ensure is top notch. Ludge Heat Exchanger is also sold by us for industrial needs. Dilution Static Mixers can be used when you need mixing properties for high end engineering processes. Quality tests are run when it comes to delivery of the product, we ensure it to be 100% full proof and working in the right manner. If any product fails then it is scraped then and there itself.